The ELCA is the European Landscape Contractors Association. To promote cooperation as well as the exchange of information and experience in Europe the European Landscape Contractors Association (ELCA) was founded in 1963.

ELCA plays an invaluable role in facilitating cooperation and knowledge transfers across the entire blue-green supply chain on local, regional, national and European-wide levels. By expanding the partnerships of the Platform and bridging the gaps between blue and green industries, ELCA ensures that initiatives and innovations are not siloed, but rather, that common efforts are maximised in establishing sustainable and inclusive green cities.

Demonstrating how the collaborations, training and innovations being achieved by the Platform directly support the goals of the European Commission’s Green Deal, Biodiversity Strategy and proposed Nature Restoration Law, ELCA is able to push for greater policy changes in Urban Greening that will ensure a greener Europe for tomorrow.

We take care for a green and liveable Europe !


The main goals of the ELCA are the following:


ELCA - We take care for a green and liveable Europe

Increasing the awareness of ELCA and the wider landscape industry across the EU and the rest of the world. Political communication towards decision makers: Maintaining and extending the contacts to relevant members of the European Parliament and to their offices, to civil servants of the European Commission and to representatives of other associations with similar interests. Permanent further development of the network in Brussels.Working groups on topics in order to work on issues with the experts of the different concerned countries:

  • Green City
  • Year of Greener Cities 
  • Green infrastructure
  • Invasive species
  • Education and training on green sector
  • Green waste regulation
  • Regulation on tachographs
  • Directive on VAT for green industry
  • EU Green Week 2019-2020


The ELCA promotes the local initiatives of its member countries by developing the patronage over events.

The ELCA organizes a scientific workshop for members and non-members every two years in Brussels to underline the importance of green areas even at the planning of construction projects and to highlight the technology and professionalism of the landscaping companies.

The ELCA takes the leadership on the coordination of the green city initiatives. The ELCA has to support the local initiatives and promote the exchange on good practices and measures.

The ELCA carries out annual surveys of member associations on employment, business, and trends. The ELCA develops and implements KPI’s for ELCA and the board.

The ELCA cultivates college and university contacts.

The ELCA organizes the ELCA Trend Award every two years.


Exchange is the fundamental value of the ELCA and takes place on 5 levels.

  • On the level of the employees: facilitate the exchange of experience and good practice.
  • On the level of the company owners: the exchange of knowledge and know-how is within exchange clubs.
  • On the level of the ELCA member associations: the exchange of best practices of the association’s work. Meeting with member associations on an annual basis to improve contact, in their country or meetings.
  • On the level of other European associations such as the EFGB (for the roofs), the IOB (for the swimming pools), the EILO (for the indoor greening): inter organization contact and co-operation i.e. Arboriculture, Designers and Urban planners with the long-term objective to build a confederation.
  • On the level of other European associations, of environment, medical science or consumers which and other influential links for the landscaping companies.