Professional excursions



To reach a high quality ELCA Professional Excursion standard based on the needs and priority of the ELCA Committee of Firms members. To organize it in different countries, in a way that is the most beneficial and valuable for the precipitants. To be the most attractive professional service for the members of ELCA Committee of Firm. Quality is the top priority.

Targeting group

Member of the ELCA Committee of Firms, who are professional owners, managers of green companies, excellent entrepreneurs, landscape architects and designers, landscape contractors and maintenance experts, colleges of firms, colleges of Associations.

Benefits of Excursions

  • During a 2 days excursion members could find new ideas and inspiration, meet with new philosophies, fresh trends in landscape design, construction and maintenance.
  • Members could get new input and ideas about how to run a business, a holistic understanding of all circumstances: the client needs and point of views, the economy, marketing, legislation…etc. of green business. Look inside how a company is organized!
  • Keep in contact with each other regularly, influence each other, help individual and company development
  • Besides the same professional interests, friendships, and personal relationships between each other, it is extremely uplifting and inspiring to discuss similar problems, how we see the World, the green industry, the market, the business management, and how we can form the future together at the same competence personal level.
  • A special aim of the Excursions can be to build a bridge between different professionals: landscape architects, contractors, maintenance experts from many nations.
  • All lobby targets of Green City to be seen in reality on the project sites o Get to know a little piece of a hosting nation's culture, history, food and wine.
  • Have a little fun and relax after busy workdays !