ELCA panelist in session ‘Building societal resilience’ at EURESFO 2023

From October 18th till 20th 2023, the European Resilience Forum (EURESFO) gathered in the Portuguese city of Cascais. Representatives from governmental organizations, scientific institutions, engineers, architects and many more different stakeholders on the sustainable development of cities came together to exchange new developments, knowledge and experiences. This edition was special, because it was the 10th time that EURESFO was organized. In the session ‘Building societal resilience; innovations in architecture, and landscaping for climate adaptation’, ELCA secretary general Egbert Roozen was one of the speakers. He pleaded for the early involved of greenery and nature-based solutions in the policy and design process and to invite the urban green professionals already in that stage to bring in their expertise on the right green solutions, creation and long-term maintenance. His key message was; ‘Think Green First!’.

In the session ‘Building societal resilience’, there was focus on the increasing necessity of adapting buildings and public spaces in a changing climate. When we design for the future we need to think about insulation and ventilation, but also the integration of vegetation and water in urban spaces is equally important. We furthermore need to think about the social resilience of the neighbourhood. With a view to mitigation, we have to do all of this limiting the carbon footprint from construction of new urban structures by thinking in circular resource flows. Rather than being seen as an obstacle, the design of well-adapted buildings and infrastructure can be an opportunity for innovation and creativity. Besides Egbert Roozen, Ruth Schagemann (president of Architects´ Council of Europe), Rita De Stefano (project-manager Infrastructure Research & Innovation at RINA Consulting) and Tinus Elsig (Urban Policy Consultant & Special Consultant in Politics, Analysis, and Communication at the Danish City of Vejle) gave their opinion. Neville Chainee (Department of Human Settlements, Planning and Strategy) explained the approach in South Africa. After the panel discussion participants in the session could bring in their questions and ideas.


Moderators of the session ‘Building societal resilience’ were Pernille Modvig (Climate-KIC) and Ine Vandecasteele (European Environment Agency).

Want to know more about EURESFO? Visit: www. https://urbanresilienceforum.eu.