2022 ELCA Meetings Excursions Conferences

2022 ELCA Presidium - Committee of Firms Professional Excursions - Meetings and Conferences

  • 12-15 May 2022 Floriade The Netherlands

Thursday 12 May 2022 ELCA Presidium

Friday 13 - Saturday 14 May 2022 ELCA CoF Professional Excursion

https://floriade.com/en/              https://floriade.com/de/

  • 30 May - 3 June 2022 EU Green Week [hybrid] in Brussels

EU Green Week helps improve public understanding of EU environmental policies, it features debates about their future development, and it improves the overall image of the EU among citizens and stakeholders around Europe. 

In addition to a high-level conference in Brussels, EU Green Week 2022 will also feature a series of partner events organised across Europe. These events will broaden involvement, and we look forward to receiving contributions from a wide variety of sectors around the EU.


  • 14-17 September 2022 GaLaBau Nürnberg Germany

ELCA meetings and conferences

Trend Award Ceremony

https://www.galabau-messe.com/            https://www.galabau-messe.com/en

  • 6-9 October 2022 Turkey

Thursday 6 October 2022 ELCA Presidium

Friday 8 - Saturday 9 October 2022 ELCA CoF Professional Excursion