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Urban - Working on urban nature and participation

The Green Paper contains examples of cooperation between residents, municipalities and green professionals in the realization of (new) urban nature.

Urban and rural landscape management in Finland

The Finnish Association of Landscape Industries is the main organization dealing with urban and rural landscape management in Finland. The goal of the organisation is to develope and promote different areas in the green industry.


Urban green spaces, places of public health, vectors of economic activity

Asterès study /UNEP

‘Green spaces are profitable investments for society.’

While more than 8 in 10 French people want to live near a green space, municipalities allocate a budget too limited to green spaces in the city: less than 1% of their annual budget. This study shows that green spaces have a direct influence on the health of citizens, but also on the attractiveness of territories.

Urbanature – Merging nature, architecture and technology to transform our cities.

Anna Yudina 'How to connect architecture with nature ...'

Anna Yudina discussed the role of designers in integrating nature and architecture. She went into the question of how nature can get more space in our cities. Yudina presented a series of futuristic projects by well-known architects and designers from around the world. She gave examples of hybrid forms of architecture and nature: how designers integrated a river and a park into a residential complex. How you come to habitable forests and horticultural landscapes. And more examples of the inventive way in which architects integrate nature into buildings and the urban environment.

The common thread in her vision is the connection outside with inside. Plants, trees and shrubs are increasingly becoming part of the architecture lexicon. Furthermore, Yudina dealt with the following points.

  • What can you do with a skyscraper, an unnatural type of building that is temporarily out of our cities?
  • What are the alternative places for nature in densely built-up areas where there is no room for traditional parks?
  • Can concrete be plant-friendly?
  • What follows on green facades and green roofs?
  • Can vegetation be mobile?
  • How far can we extend the concept of 'urban nature'? How would we feel about that? And how is it going to transform our cities and, ultimately, ourselves?