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Spoorpark Tilburg with Landscape Contractor Brouwers Groenaannemers win the ELCA Green Award 2021!

Spoorpark Tilburg with Landscape Contractor Brouwers Groenaannemers,

VHG member in the Netherlands, win the ELCA Green Award 2021!

The Green Park competition 2021

The ELCA Green Award is a competition to promote living green by and with landscape contractors. Develop an ever-growing platform with and between the companies of the ELCA Committee of Firms.

The ELCA Green Award is presented to the VHG President, the association that introduced the winning project, at the ceremony of the ELCA Green Award for The Green Park competition 2021. The announcement of the results in collaboration with UNEP – France takes place at the professional fair PAYSALIA 2021 dd 1 December 2021.

Press release_ELCA Green Award_Paysalia 2021

VHG speech Green Award 2021